Utilization of coal fines and filer cake

While coal developments are mostly closed in EC there are many coal wastes deposits are waiting for the solution for environmental friendly utilization.

At the last week of July Effective Energy Technologies has commissioned a technology complex for utilizing a mixture of coal wastes in a drying kiln.

‘Raw’ is a mixture of different coals with a clay consistence – filter-cake, petcoke and other coals. Due to high viscosity this mixture cannot be uniformly fed into a drying kiln – it has a moisture content around 30…30%. Drying of such ‘clay’ technically and economically is not efficient due to the high risk of explosion and dust which makes production facilities very dirty.

To solve the problem of utilization we used wet milling of original raw material and producing a uniform liquid carbon water sledge (slurry), CWS. Wet milling and homogenization is made by WMM – wet milling machine, exclusive development of Effective Energy Technologies GmbH.

CWS produced in WMM is a liquid with coal particles mostly below 100mkm.

CWS is pumped to swirl (vortex) combustion chamber where atomized and burnt. Heat from CWS combustion goes into a drying kiln in a normal way.

It is important for customer to keep drying temperature stable with accuracy around 5 degrees. One degree temperature stability was achieved.

Ireland, since 2017