Effective Energy Technologies GmbH

Pellet Burner

Task: burn pellets with minimum unburns. Burner must be connected to air-to-air heat exchanger for drying some textile paints. Solution: Vortex Burner with average capacity 300 kW and maximum capacity 500 kW is installed. Due to local specific burner was designed to have an output at the lower part. Thus, burner has a double-chamber design …

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Coal Gasification

Project Scope — Production of synthetic oil from coal. Description Coal Water Slurry (CWS) with solid/liquid ratio is produced on the first stage. Then, CWS goes to a gasification rector. Gasification products then converted to a synthetic oil. Solution EET GmbH has supplied WMM, generation 1 Customer provided gasification equipment and infrastructure Project runs since …

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CWS production in Uzbekistan

Task: produce Coal Water Slurry (CWS) for burning coal in a liquid form in a drying kiln. Solution: Wet Milling Machine is used for producing CWS. Coal wastes in a form of filter cake are used to produce CWS. Project is realized in 2016, Uzbekistan

Fully Functioning Skids

Fully functioning skids based on our single units: milling complexes, multi stage milling and homogenization, etc.
Individual design based on your request.

Wet Milling & Homogenization

We offer a set of technologies for wet milling of biomass, carbon, peat (turf) and others, and converting them into a homogeneous mixtures.