We offer set of technologies for common and non-standard tasks: wet milling, homogenization, effective combustion of low quality fuels and wastes, using solid fuels for drying kilns, improving oil-based fuels.

Improved combustion of low-quality fuels
High effective vortex technologies allow to burn wooden chips, pellets, saw dust, high moisture fuels, filter cake, petcoke, carbon black (tires carbon, pCB), watered oil and oil washes, etc.
Fuel Emulsions & Fuel Improvements
Oil-based fuels can be significantly improved by high-impact reactors. Watered fuels can be converted into stable uniformed emulsions.
Slurry Fuels
Carbon wastes like filter cake, carbon black (pCB) are converted to a liquid Carbon Water Slurry (Sludge) - CWS.


Effective burning systems, Multifuel burners, Fine-milling & Homogenization, High-Impact Reactors

Effective Energy Technologies GmbH is a leading developer of Carbon Water Slurry (CWS) technology. We developed both solutions and equipment for producing CWS from different raw materials and its’ combustion. We follow current trends for CO2 reduction and move to using renewables as a major energy source. 

Our equipment is now adapted for using biomass, pellets, saw dust and other raw materials for heat&steam generation. Our experience with solid fuels like coal and carbon gave us an advantage in implementation of non-standard solutions, e,g, using solid fuels for drying kilns/ovens. 

Our milling systems allow to produce both liquid fuel slurries and produce a dry powder from biomass like wooden chips. 

Our homogenization equipment can improve oil-based fuels and watered oil wastes decreasing general oil consumption as well as amount of wastes.

Wet Milling Machine, Gen.2

Wet Milling Machine

WMM is fully functional complex for milling and homogenization of different materials: carbon, coal, peat, ashes, etc.
Material is micronized till 80..100 mkm or even below.

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