Vortex Burner

Vortex Burner Multifuel Burner or low-calorific fuels like biomass, pellets, wooden chips, straw, CWS, carbon wastes, etc. Allow simulteneous combustion of solid and liquid fuels. Overview Vortex burner (Swirl prechamber, furnace) is designed for the effective combustion of low calorific and inertial fuels like:• carbon&coal slurry fuels—with moisture content up to 55%• oil washes• wooden …

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Utilization of Black Carbon (pCB)

Utilization of Black Carbon (pCB) There is a world trend to utilize unused rubber, mostly auto tires, by converting it to Tire Pyrolytic Oil (TPO) in a pyrolysis plants. There are different types of pyrolysis plants now presented on market. Most of them use the same technological process: Cutting the rubber into 3..5cm chipes Further …

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