Wet Milling Machine

OVERVIEW Hydroshock Wet Milling Machine Generation 2 (WMM Gen.2) is a stand-alone milling machine for producing CWS and other slurries (solid + liquid mixtures). WMM is a unique development from Effective Energy Technologies GmbH. WMM is a compact machine with low energy consumption for CWS production, compact, simple for operation. WMM is characterized with stable CWS characteristics for wide […]

Coal Fines and Filter-Cake Utilization

Coal Fines and Filter-Cake Utilization Coal fines and filter-cakes are the side product of the most coal preparation plants which are using flotation for separating a regular coal from the rocks. Normally filter cake is a clay-liked substance with high moisture content and coal particles below of less than 1 mm. These fines are typically utilized as a […]