Utilization of Black Carbon (pCB)

There is a world trend to utilize unused rubber, mostly auto tires, by converting it to Tire Pyrolytic Oil (TPO) in a pyrolysis plants. There are different types of pyrolysis plants now presented on market. Most of them use the same technological process:

  1. Cutting the rubber into 3..5cm chipes
  2. Further processing for removing textile and metal cord form the rubber
  3. Feeding into pyrolysis reactor and producing a TPO.
Along with TPO there two side products also produced: pyrolysis gas and Pyrolysis Carbon Black (pCB). While gas and TPO are useful products, pCB is a waste product – it has a typical grainsize below 0.5mm, very dusty and must be stored in a textile big-bags. 
Direct utilization of pCB is limited with its dirtiness and difficulties for further processing. 
We are offering solution to utilize all pyrolysis products to a fuel: 
  • Gas is used for own needs of pyrolysis plant – standard prcoess for plants
  • TPO is used as a major fuel for waterheating/steam boilers
  • pCB is converted to liquid Carbon Water Slurry (CWS) and used as an additional fuel for burning together with TPO and/or gas/oil.
CWs from pCB has a normal moisture about 50% which is reducing the calorific value. At the same time, convertion of pCB to CWS allows to treat a carbon dust as a liquid fuel and atomize it in a boiler through the CWS nozzle. Heat losses related with water evaporation are about 10% of pCB’s heating value which is economically more efficient than explosionproof measures related with feeding pCB and general cleaness of the production facilities.