Rotary Impulse Apparatus

Multifunctional Cavitation Processing Unit

Fine milling

RIA makes liquids homogeneous (uniform), mixes hardly mixable liquids like water+oil or others. Makes the fine milling of slurries till 10…50mkm.

Colloidal Solutions

High-impact cavitation effect together with fine makes possible production of colloidal solutions

Oil-based fuels improvement

RIA destroys long molecular chains and reduces flash point, pour point and viscosity, breaks wax (paraffine) includes, makes uniform water-oil emulsion from HFO, FO and others.


Rotary-Impulse Apparatus (RIA) is a multifunctional equipment which is used for processing mixes liquid&liquid (emulsion), liquid&solid (suspension, slurry) and also liquid&gas. Major functions of RIA are:

  • homogenization of emulsions and slurries

  • processing of oil-based liquid products: homogenization of oil and oil products, improving quality of diesel, gasoil, reducing oil viscosity, reducing paraffin (wax) molecular structures, the impact of water presence in gasoline&diesel (by creating well mixed and homogeneous oil-water mixture

  • reagent-free decontamination & disinfection of water (including sewage water), desalination (as a part of DEWA-Deaslination System)

  • food industry: mixing pasts&meshes, mixing paints

  • liquids activation for further usage

  • other


RIA could be used as a part of different technological complexes:

  • fuel industry – production of homogeneous emulsions from FO/HFO, watered fuels, reducing viscosity of oil-based products (e.g. heavy fuel oils, mazut, etc), reduces viscosity up to 30%, reduces flash point and pour point for oil on 5-10 deg C., reduces catalysts consumption on 20…30%

  • in agriculture – homogenization & decontamination of bio-humus and humus-based products, production of humus-based fertilizers

  • improving the qulity of network water in heating system by increasing its’ pH level

  • many other applications.