Vortex Burner

Multifuel Burner or low-calorific fuels like biomass, pellets, wooden chips, straw, CWS, carbon wastes, etc. Allow simulteneous combustion of solid and liquid fuels.


Vortex burner (Swirl prechamber, furnace) is designed for the effective combustion of low calorific and inertial fuels like:
• carbon&coal slurry fuels—with moisture content up to 55%
• oil washes
• wooden coal and other renewables, etc.
• pyrocarbon after tire pyrolysis
• pellets
• other fuels.
These fuels can burn autonomously or with support fuel. Air slots in a prechamber’s wall form a stable swirl which makes combustion process stable and effective. Liquid fuel has enough time for ignition and full combustion.

Vortex Burner provides a multifuel solution when different fuels can burn together ore separately, including the mixture of solid and liquid/gaseous fuels.


Vortex Burner is installed in front or side of a boiler or oven (kiln). Solid fuel is fed into a Burner by a screw conveyor. Liquid fuel is atomized through the nozzle. Most of non-standard liquid fuels like Carbon Water Slurry (CWS) have solid includes which cannot be atomized with standard nozzles. For these fuels we have developed our nozzle which can atomize liquid fuels with solid particles up to 500 micron.

Combustion products (hot gases) further moved to a boiler or drying kiln (oven).

Boiler or drying kiln which is equipped with a Vortex Burner can burn several fuels separately or simultaneousely: coal filter cake and gas (CNG, LPG), wooden chips and diesel or other combinations. Heavy fuel oil (HFO) or other non-standard fuels have a long presence time in a burner what makes combustion full. 

While Vortex Burner’s configuration is designed for a specific fuel (e.g. pellets, wooden chips etc.) in most cases can be used for burning other fuels. It makes vortex burner a real multifuel solution for most applications.

Connection to boiler or kiln is made individually.

Vortex burner can be used in special applications.


Vortex Burner is designed to keep optimal number of CWS-torch turnovers inside a pre-chamber what makes both total carbon combustion and transfer (convection) of hot gases into boiler possible.

Thermal balance of prechamber is designed to keep optimal combustion mode for CWS combustion. Prechamber insulation is chosen to minimize heat losses, quick warming-up period, resistant to quick temperature bursts up to 1500 С° and long-term stable work.

There are modifications of Vortex Burner for high-ash and low-ash fuels.



Vortex burner consists of body, front door, air blower (fan), nozzle, control system. If it is required vortex burner can be equipped with a gas/diesel burner which is used for initial ignition/preheating or as a support for burning low-calorific fuels.

Burner’s body has secondary air input outside and secondary air slots inside for creating a vortex (swirl). Body is insulated with fireclay bricks and special concrete inside. 

Front door has mounting holes for nozzle. Additionally it has eye holes for visual control.

Vortex burner can be made with horizontal or vertical body depending on type of fuel:

  • horizontal burners are mostly effective for low-ash fuels
  • vertical burners are useful for the fuels with high ash content – during combustion ash heats the walls and drops down.
For controlling the combustion process vortex burner is normally equipped with thermo-sensors, airflow counters, etc.

Control system makes possible to vary parameters of combustion depending on fuel characteristics.

Model Range

There is a range of burners produced between 0.3 and 8MW.