Wet Milling Machine

OVERVIEW Hydroshock Wet Milling Machine Generation 2 (WMM Gen.2) is a stand-alone milling machine for producing CWS and other slurries (solid + liquid mixtures). WMM is a unique development from Effective Energy Technologies GmbH. WMM is a compact machine with low energy consumption for CWS production, compact, simple for operation. WMM is characterized with stable CWS characteristics for wide […]


Overview The pneumo-nozzle is developed by EET especially for the atomizing CWS and other fuels with solid&abrazive includes. Due to air-fuel torch is formed outside of nozzle wearness of nozzle’s internal parts does not affect atomization quality. This nozzle can be classiied as Hartmann’s nozzle. Advantages: High wear resistance for abrasive water-coal fuel -1500 … […]

Vortex Burner

Vortex Burner For burning low-calorific fuels like biomass, pellets, wooden chips, straw, CWS, carbon wastes, etc. Overview Vortex burner (swirl prechamber, furnace) is designed for the effective combustion of low calorific and inertial fuels like: carbon&coal slurry fuels—with moisture content up to 55% oil washes wooden coal and other renewables, etc. pyrocarbon after tire pyrolysis […]