Effective Energy Technologies GmbH (EET GmbH) was established in Vienna at 2010.


EET GmbH is an engineering company which was originally specialized on implementing Coal Water Slurry / Carbon Water Slurry (CWS) technology. Our company gathered the best international experience in production and use of CWS. A number of technological solutions have passed from the stage of R&D to the commercial product.  

Our solutions which were originally developed for CWS are effective for burning low-calorific fuels like biomass, pellets, saw dust, wooden chips and other. Thus, at the moment we are offering turn-key solutions both for utlizing carbon wastes and using non-standard raw materials like a fuel.

Our equipment is highly modular, what significantly reduces the cost of implementing the technology on new and existing facilities, as well, possibly using the local resources as well. 

Our mission

Implementation of modern technologies for different applications: heat&power generation, industrial usage, using biomass as a fuel, carbon wastes utilization, burning of non-standard fuels, etc.
We do NOT promote coal as a fuel. There are million of tons of coal and carbon wastes all over the world. We offer solutions for the most optimal utilization with minimum emissions. 

Our Products & Services

We offer for our equipment for high-effective equipment for burning most types of non-standard fuels most of which are either renewables or wasted.

For carbon wastes, especially filter cake, we offer high efficient Wet Milling Machine (WMM). WMM works as an effective milling machine plus it makes a homogeneous (uniform) liquid sledges (carbon slurries).

Our CWS production & Combustion infrastructure in Stockerau (near Vienna) and in Izhevsk, Russia, allows us to develop new & special solutions.

Our Facilities